Fitting a toe guard to a cricket bat

We recommend you view this video in conjunction with these instructions:

Recommendation: Ensure you have enough time, at least 30 mins, for the steps 1 to 3. For best results, “Don’t rush it!”

getpaddedup supply toe guards in a range of colours. To fit one, you will need some coarse and fine sandpaper or ambri board, scissors or a blade and a synthetic rubberbased adhesive (the Fevibond brand is recommended and available at If you have purchased the `getpaddedup toe guard kit’, you will have all these items except for scissors/blade.

Step One: using the coarse sandpaper enclosed in the ‘getpaddedup toe guard kit’, roughup the toe of the bat to create a key.

Step Two: use a synthetic rubber based adhesive (fevibond is recommended and available from Apply a coat of glue to both the toe guard (smooth side) and the bat toe. Leave both for 15 minutes and then apply another sparse coat to both bat and guard.

Step Three: immediately fix the guard to the toe ensuring all areas of the toe are covered. Leave it until completely set and all edges are full adhered to the bat – a minimum of 12 hours, 24 hours is better. It may be necessary to clamp the guard or use strong adhesive tape to secure the guard in place while it sets. If using tape, be careful not to place onto bat stickers that may peel off when the tape is removed.

Step Four: trim the guard using strong scissors or a blade, ensuring you work away from your hands. To create a professional finish, use the three grades of sandpaper enclosed with the ‘getpaddedup toe guard kit’; first the coarse paper used in step one and then the two finer grades in turn. Apply a small amount of glue to any areas not fully adhered.