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(Clearance) Cricket Bat Toe Guard

Bat Toe Guard

These are the same toe guards as we offer as perfect examples but are seconds with small marks and/or blemishes. The product will offer the same level of protection to the toe as a mint condition item.

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Cricket Bat Grip Tape

Adhesive Grip Tape: PVC compound, secures grip to the shoulder of the bat and provides a neat finish. Tapes are manufactured for with extra width, approx. 18mm to 20mm wide for easy home application.

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Personalised Miniature Cricket Bat

Personalised Miniature Autograph Cricket Bat

These bats are a wonderful little present for a birthday or anniversary. We can include a title, an image and a message. Colours and fonts are your choice. We can do almost anything, please email us with any question you may have.

Price £6.75