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Personalised Miniature Cricket Bat

Personalised Miniature Autograph Cricket Bat

These bats are a wonderful little present for a birthday or anniversary. We can include a title, an image and a message. Colours and fonts are your choice. We can do almost anything, please email us with any question you may have.

Price £6.90

Cricket Bat Grip Tape

Adhesive Grip Tape: PVC compound, secures grip to the shoulder of the bat and provides a neat finish. Tapes are manufactured for with extra width, approx. 18mm to 20mm wide for easy home application.

Price £1.10

£1.49 Dynamite Cricket Bat Grip

£1.49 `Dynamite` Design Cricket Bat Grip.  These grips are 100% standard dynamite grips with various colour bands, either white with bands or two-coloured with bands. There may be some colour bleed.  Colour requests accepted and fulfilled if still in stock, otherwise orders are packed at random from the range currently in stock (which may include colours not shown in the image).

Price £1.50