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Full Size Personalised Cricket Bats 25 Sept 2019

Full Size Personalised Cricket Bats

Our Full Size Personalised Cricket Bats have been very popular in 2019 and we are now very low on stock. We have a large shipment of new stock on the way now.

Camouflage Bat Grips12 Aug 2019

Camouflage Bat Grips

Our range of camouflage grips in Players Matrix texture remains in high demand. We currently have three designs, the original army camouflage, the US navy (called aquaflage) and the latest is a skyscape, sky colours of sky blue, sun yellow, white and grey in camouflage style. There are new designs arriving in 2020.

NatWest Corporate Mini Bats 11 July 2019

NatWest Corporate Mini Bats

Delighted to supply a further 500 mini bats for NatWest, for use at their many corporate events as a long term sponsor of England Cricket.

Thick or thin? 21 June 2019

Thick or thin?

Many off-the-shelf bats have very thin chevron grips - these are Chevron Super-lite grips. The batmakers are using these to keep bat weights at the lowest possible. As a result, chevron super-lite have become very popular. Conversely, thick grips, especially Players Matrix (just about the thickest texture) are in demand as for players who find the chevron too thin.